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I like
indie game dev ; otogoes & visual novels & fighting games ; poetry & BL manga ; language ; your mom

★ November 2021 - Website Created ; because I'm getting too Sexy for how draining social meda is

Dear Diary —
It is sometime in November 2021...

Often, I think of how the web used to be 'for the people' but is now just a marketing playground for businesses in rule-ridden spaces where I am forced to interact and see things I don't want to. And I think about how I solve so many problems by using a search engine and being lead to a forum. But even that is shrinking, and many of my questions are inseperable from these corporate playgrounds where I must subscribe or call or join some fleeting service... What if I had a more permanent spot of my own to link or ramble about things? I think that'd be neat.

Fun Websites I Like ★
  • Toonami Aftermath - A place to just hang out and watch old cartoons and reruns. Very nostalgic for 80s/90s kids.

If you're seeing this page your gender is mine!!!!!! I TOOK IT!!!!! FOOL!!!!

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